Ron Vigil

I began singing when I was 16. I'd been in quite a few bands through the years, some pretty good, some, well, not so good. I was in a band by the name of 4Saken which played out quite a few times but really never got beyond that. I had always known I had a lot to offer as a vocalist, but never really found the right band- I was always in and out of projects. I have a beautiful wife and two kids who have always supported me, but I just needed to find the right fit. When I found Every Threat, everything just flowed. I have never had music so easy to write and sing to, yet as advanced and progressive as these guys play; it was second nature for me to come up with melodies and vocal patterns for it.  My biggest influences vocally would have to be Ray Alder of Fates Warning, Warrel Dane of Sanctuary/Nevermore, Rob Halford, and of course Ronnie James, just to name a few. I truly feel this band is exactly what I have been waiting for..... The Threat Is Real!