Every Threat was born in June of 2009 when bassist John Larkin and drummer Joel Herbert met by chance through an online ad.  A couple hours of improvised jamming together was all they needed to know that they had the elements of a new musical powerhouse. 


1-9-14:  Due to a complete lack of interest from local guitar talent, Joel has decided to relocate to the Denver area, and Every Threat will regrettably cease to be.  Thanks to those of you who supported us during our nearly 5-year attempt to make it work.  John will post news of his newest project once something solidifies. 

10-26-12:  Finally got a hold of some of the video footage from the show last month at Carol's Cove.  After a little clean-up editing, that video should be up on the website and Facebook in the next few days.

10-1-12:  For whatever reason, James has decided to quit the band and move on to other things.  We are currently seeking a replacement guitarist.  Please contact us if you or someone you know would be interested.

9-9-12:  Had a ROCKIN' time last night at Carol's Cove!  Thanks to everyone who came out to support us!  We'll be doing another show soon, to give you another chance to see what you missed!!

8-27-12: Every Threat is happy to announce that we will be sharing the stage at Carol's Cove on Sept. 8 with local band One and Done.  Come on out and help support YOUR local music scene!

8-22-12: Our Debut Public Performance has been pushed back a week, to the 8th of Sept.  Hope that doesn't prevent any of you from supporting us that night.

8-14-12: Finally, we have some recordings of the new band lineup!  They're still just rough practice recordings, but it will give you an idea of what you'll hear at our opening show next month.



8-7-12:  A lot has happened with the band in the past couple of months.  We've got our set worked out with lead vocals and we're ready to start playing shows.  In fact, we have our first show set up for September 1st at Carol's Cove (3424 S. State St., South Salt Lake, UT).  More details soon.

The band has acquired ownership of the domain name "," which you may have noticed on your way here.

We have also teamed up with Megn at Vigilant Management.  She will be handling all booking and public relations for us.  See her contact info on the Home page.

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6-10-12:  With pleasure verging on orgasm, we welcome singer Ron Vigil to the ThreatRon is hard at work adding lyrics and melodies to the seven existing songs.  We plan to continue writing and then begin setting up shows by mid-summer.  Three years of perseverence is finally starting to show productive results!

We would still consider adding an aggressive-style keyboardist or a dedicated lead guitarist...

5-9-12: Lots of good work coming out of our new guitarist James.  We're just about finished with our new song "Mekka," and we are working up a great arrangement of the Black Sabbath song "Into the Void."

2-20-12: After nearly a year-and-a-half of searching, we're ecstatic to announce the addition of James Waller as our new guitarist!  We're very excited about this new incarnation of the band.  Check back soon to learn more about him, and to hear recordings of the new ensemble.