Joel Herbert


"It all started with Kiss!  As a kid, I had been listening to my Dad’s Beatles records for years, and loved the harmonies and catchy riffs that I would sing and tap along to, happy and innocent.  One night my parents let me stay up late to watch this band Kiss I had heard about from the neighbor kids and that’s all it took!  From then on I needed to be part of that crazy, great thing that music is. 

At age 8, I started piano lessons, but that wasn’t satisfying enough after knowing what was out there.  I pressured my parents for quite some time and finally at age 14, I was blessed with my first drum set. I spent the early years of my chosen instrument, teaching myself how to play from listening, watching and tapping along with anything I could to learn how to be a drummer.  Yes, even Ringo.  After catching on quickly to the instrument, my friends and I started playing together with my brother Matt on guitar and I have been playing in bands ever since.

I later studied music theory in High School and College, along with occasional drum lessons and continual practice.  Those elements have really helped me as a drummer.

My experience includes, numerous cover tune bands, including High Stakes and Killawatt, which were touring acts.  After that, in 1991, I relocated to Seattle and helped form Mr. Green Genes and ultimately Lead Pipe Cinch, which garnered two self released CD’s, hundreds of live performances, radio interviews, a track on EA Sports Road Rash-Jailbreak, and international press.  Since relocating to Utah in 2006, I spent a year with the band Junta Deville and now look forward to the future with Every Threat and its endless possibilities."